Encouraging Low Carbon Food Shopping with Ubicomp Interventions

I am Researcher Co-Investigator on this EPSRC Research in the Wild project. The project will start in June 2013, and details of the grant can be found here.

Workshop on Green Food Technology: Ubicomp Opportunities for Reducing the Environmental Impacts of Food

I'm co-organising the Green Food Technology workshop, which will take place at Ubicomp 2013 in Zurich.

Sustainable Carbon Counters

I am currently working on the ESRC-funded Sustainable Carbon Counters project with Mark Rouncefield (PI) at Lancaster University.

Informing energy choices using ubiquitous sensing

I am currently working on the TEDDI Informing energy choices using ubiquitous sensing project with Adrian Friday (PI) at Lancaster University.


Situvis is a tool that I am developing as part of my Ph.D., and is used for analysing and creating abstractions of large, highly-dimensional sensor data datasets.


My final year project was the development of T-Align, a web-based tool for the comparison of multiple terminal restriction fragment length polymorphism (TRFLP) profiles to identify shared and unique components of microbial communities.